The Rules

Amped Fantasy® prides itself on offering the highest wager payouts in the industry. Most fantasy sports leagues pay out only 90% in winning wagers. We don't feel that this is fair to our users. We want you to win money and be successful. Amped Fantasy® pays out to the winner 100% of all wages made in all contests all the time. We developed our web site because we love playing fantasy sports and wanted to make the best product possible. We offer a variety of different contests including the opportunity for you to create your own contest!


Amped Fantasy® is a website designed to test your fantasy sports knowledge. We offer a variety of contests that allow registered users to construct their optimal fantasy team. Once your team is constructed you can compete against other users in daily and weekly fantasy matches. Users can participate in contests versus one or multiple players.


It is so simple and FREE! Just fill out the form on our homepage and click "Join Now." Once you are a registered user of the site, you can immediately participate and are eligible to join any wager, freeroll or free contest. Of course, you must first deposit money into your account via PayPal or credit card to play a wager contest!


Amped Fantasy® wants to make picking your fantasy team quick and easy. After you've logged in and gone to the Contests section, you'll see a Contest Filter section. This allows you to choose a specific contest, by sport, number of required participants, cost of entry and type of contest. Or you can use the list of Available Contests. Here you can sort by sport (football and baseball), the amount you want to play for, the number of contestants you will play against, and the type of contest you wish to join. You have a choice of different types of contests (see under "The Rules" section "Scoring System: Contest Types for more on this). Once you have determined the contest you want to compete in, just click Join.

Now you can create your DREAM TEAM. You'll have to pick players for each player position making up the contest. Pick the player(s) from the team(s) you believe will score the most points for your DREAM TEAM. We make it easy for you as we allow you to pick your Favorite Players. Under MY ACCOUNT, you’ll see a Favorite Players link. You can add a favorite player by sport, position and team. When you join a contest, you can select your favorite player(s) or other players. When your roster is completely filled (meaning you chose a player(s) for each position), click JOIN CONTEST. You're now entered in the contest! If the number of entries indicated in the Available Contests listing are reached by game time, the contest is a go. If not reached, the amount you wagered is returned to your account in its entirety immediately. You do have an option however. You can choose to allow your entry to be moved to an identical contest if the required entries have not been reached by clicking the Allow Move button.

To assist you in picking your DREAM TEAM, we provide you with a Top Player link that lists each player in every position, with the player with the highest average score listed first. Thus, if you ever need to pick a kicker or third baseman and can’t think of a superstar, just click that link for some statistical research! As our rating system is based on which player performs best within our contests, the research tends to become more relevant as the season progresses.


Amped Fantasy® also allows users to create a customized contest, whereby you can pick any format you want (see scoring system: contest types), how much you want to play for, as well as how many participants you want to play against. Remember, a contest has to have the required number of participants, because you can’t play against yourself. Just follow the steps and enter any Contest name you wish (make sure you Amp it up though) and pick the sport and the day you want the contest to start. Tell your friends to enter it and then let the bragging rights begin.

As with the Available Contests, you can also allow your entry into a contest to be switched to a contest with the same dollar amount and format if it is not filled up. We always want you to play against someone, because nobody likes playing with themselves!


We want you to learn how to play on Amped Fantasy®, so you can always join a free contest for no money at all! We offer freeroll contests every week with the winner awarded either cash or Player Points. You can also play free contests which offer no prizes. You can play as often and enter as many contests as you wish. But remember- to really get into the game you need to play for cash!


To distinguish our site from others we have provided our users with three different methods of choosing which type of contest to join. Under the "Private" notation, player rosters will only be visible to contest members once the contest has started and participants are unable to edit their rosters anymore. Under the "Joined" notation, player rosters can only be viewed by users who join the contest. Under the "Public" notation, player rosters are visible by anybody who looks at the contest details.


We offer our users an opportunity to win cash prizes via our Player Points system, whereby users receive points for the following actions:

  • Sign up
  • Deposit money
  • Enter a contest
  • Post to Facebook/Twitter
  • Contest won

The Player Points awarded for each item may change from time to time. You will be notified by email when a change(s) is made. Player Points can be redeemed for prizes announced on the Amped Fantasy website. All Player Points accumulated by users of the Amped Fantasy website are cumulative and eligible for prizes as long as they are not redeemed.

Scoring System: Contest Types

Standard League Bet - 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 WR/RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF/ST
Offensive Explosion - 1 QB, 2 WR, 1 RB
Skills Survival - 2 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 3 WR/RB
Flex Appeal - 1 WR, 1 RB
Defensive Minded - 2 QB, 2 DEF/ST

Offensive Explosion - 2 Utility (any position/DH), Infield, Outfield
World Series Standard – 2 Pitchers, Utility
Big Game Special - Catcher, Corners (1st and 3rd), 2 Outfield, Infield
Two Person – Infield, Outfield

Scoring: Football

  • 6 pts per rushing or receiving TD
  • 6 pts for player returning kick/punt for TD
  • 6 pts for player returning or recovering a fumble for TD
  • 4 pts per passing TD
  • 2 pts per rushing or receiving 2 pt conversion (note: teams do not receive points for yardage gained during the conversion)
  • 2 pts per passing 2 pt conversion
  • 1 pt per 10 yards rushing
  • 1 pt per 10 yards receiving
  • 1 pt per 25 yards passing
  • -2 for fumbles lost
  • -2 for interceptions thrown
  • 5 pts per 50+ yard FG made
  • 4 pts per 40-49 yard FG made
  • 3 pts per 30-39 yard FG made
  • 2 pts per 29 yards or less FG made
  • -1 for missed FG
  • 1 pt per Extra Point made
  • 10 pts for 0 points allowed
  • 7 pts for 1-6 points allowed
  • 4 pts for 7-13 points allowed
  • 1 pt for 14-17 points allowed
  • 0 pts for 18-21 points allowed (note: team defense is responsible for all points allowed)
  • -1 pts for 22-27 points allowed
  • -4 pts for 28-34 points allowed
  • -7 pts for 35-45 points allowed
  • -10 pts for 46+ points allowed
  • 3 pts per defensive or special teams TD
  • 2 pts per interception
  • 2 pts per fumble recovery (Note: includes a fumble by the opposing team out of the end zone)
  • 2 pts per blocked punt, PAT, or FG (Note: a deflected kick of any kind does not receive points)
  • 2 pts per safety
  • 1 pt per sack

Scoring: Baseball

  • Run Scored (R) = 2 pts
  • Single (H) = 1 pt
  • Double (2B) = 2 pts
  • Triple (3B) = 3 pts
  • Home Run (HR) = 4 pts
  • Run Batted In (RBI) = 2 pts
  • Walk (BB) = 1 pt
  • Stolen Base (SB) = 2 pts
  • Strike Out (K) = -1 pt
  • Each 1/3 Inning Pitched (IP) = 1 pt
  • Strike Out (K) = 1 pt
  • Win (W) = 8 pts
  • Hit Allowed (H) = -1 pt
  • Walk Allowed (W) = -1 pt
  • Earned Run Allowed (ER) = -2 pts