Is this type of activity legal?
All contests provided by Amped Fantasy® are based on a registered user’s ability to use their relative knowledge and skill in utilizing the statistical results of the performance of individual athletes in multiple real-world sporting events. All Amped Fantasy® contests are games of skill. No winning outcome is based on the score or performance of any single real world team or any single real world athlete. These activities are not considered illegal gambling, in accordance with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.

Eligibility Requirements
In order to participate in any contest hosted by Amped Fantasy® you must have an approved registered account. All users must be 18 years of age or the age of majority in their state of residence, and be able to provide proof of residency in the United States (this excludes the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico) or Canada (excluding the province of Quebec). Residents of the province of Quebec, and the states of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, and Vermont are not eligible to participate in Amped Fantasy® fantasy contests. Furthermore, participants located in Alabama and Nebraska must be 19 years of age. Any participant who is at least 18 years of age, who has not reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction is not eligible to participate.

What happens when a player is injured?
All Amped Fantasy® users will be able to adjust their rosters up to the entry deadline of the contest.

What happens when a player’s game is postponed due to weather?
If a game is not played, such as a rain out in MLB or a weather related cancellation for NFL, that game will be removed from the contest's scoring. Any players selected from those teams will not receive any points. The remaining games will then be used to calculate scoring and determine the winner. All Amped Fantasy® users will be able to adjust their rosters up to the starting time of the first contest.

What happens when my team is entered to compete but no other users challenge me?
If your team is entered to compete but the required number of participants is not met, you will be refunded the full amount of your wager, unless you allow us to enter your wager in an identical contest with the same entry fee.

What if a contest has its maximum number of competitors?
When a contest is filled by the maximum number of participants - no additional users will be allowed to join.

I have a data discrepancy?
Our service provider is an industry leader in providing fantasy sports statistics, and is the exclusive provider of all data for Amped Fantasy®. The data received from the service provider in all circumstances is considered accurate and final.

What if there is a tie?
If multiple participants have the same final score in any contest, the prize will be divided equally by those participants with the winning score. This applies to all completed contests independent of the number of participants.

Canceling Contests?
Once a user has entered a contest, that participant cannot cancel the entry. Users can still adjust their respective teams up to the entry deadline. Amped Fantasy® reserves the right to cancel any contest, for any reason, in its sole discretion. This includes any contest affected by weather and/or natural disasters. Users will not be guaranteed a refund, and each of these cancelled contests will be examined on a case-by-case basis for any possible improprieties.

All cash prizes offered to winning participants are established and made known to the participants in advance of the contest and their value is not determined by the number of participants or the amount of any entry fees paid by those participants.

I want to join a contest but forget my information?
Your login username is your email address.

Withdrawing Funds
You can withdraw your money at any time. Simply click on the Withdraw Funds link on the My Account page and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. We'll then send the money to you via corporate check or PayPal. Processing will be between 3-7 business days. For withdrawals over $600, we require a valid mailing address and social security number in order to file the appropriate tax forms at year end.

Depositing Funds
You can deposit funds into your account by credit card or PayPal. If your card issuing bank does not allow deposits into gaming sites, setting up a PayPal account is quick, easy, and free. All funds deposited by the payment methods described on this site are guaranteed by the company. Amped Fantasy® reserves the right to delay/cancel the transfer of funds on a case-by-case basis, subject to security measures established by the company.